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Argan oil skin and hair moisturizer 50ml provides exquisite and lively looking hair and skin for all types. Consisting of it's not to heavy or light properties making it perfect to use on all skin and hair types. Exceedingly rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this deluxe non-greasy oil provides impressive moisturizing benefits and effects for face, body, nails and hair leaving them with a flawless shine. Guaranteed 100% pure, organic cold pressed Argan oil leaving it as the single most abundant ingredient. Our Argan oil consists of a single ingredient that is 100% Argania spinosa. We avoided additional scents and fragrances for best results. The absolutely unique smell of raw, genuine Argan oil displays a mild 'nutty' aroma scent. One drop glides on like silk and absorbs within seconds granting you a joyous and pampering experience.