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This is where I tell you where it all began. A journey filled with lessons, experience, and an astounding time. One I will cherish eternally. Literally. I could definitely say I felt the exhilaration of victory. Nonetheless, it's not what you see your typical 16 year old doing on a regular basis. I for one have dedicated my time to cater quality products from its original source. Yes, that’s right! Straight from Morocco in the outskirts of Essaouira where my great- grandparents resided. 

Why our products? 

Our products are 100% pure and cold pressed to make sure you are provided with the best experience. It’s quite difficult to find an argan oil that’s genuine and authentic. While there are some products out there claiming their argan oil comes straight from the source and “100% pure,” yet unfortunately that's not always the case. Some may be mixed with different oils while some contain next to little to no traces of argan oil. You might as well use the Vegetable oil that's stored in your cupboard! Fortunately, there will be no need to do that as we have the solution to your concerns. The single most abundant ingredient in our oil is what? Take a guess! Yes, that’s right Argan oil is the only substance that occurs in this golden yellow, smooth and silky mixture, labeled as “Organic Argania Spinosa.”

I’m in love with Morocco.

From the beautiful landscapes to welcoming goodhearted people, I love it all! But what made me feel sentimental and adoration for it the most was being able to integrate my Moroccan origin and Canadian culture all in one. What better way than getting Argan oil straight from the source and assembling it in Canada! It’s a two for one package. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to visit back home once in every one or two years. Later on I said to myself, why not start my own company name and spread it in North America? I felt a devotion and pull to try this experience and I knew I wouldn’t regret this decision. I myself have always used Argan oil in almost everything, using it in my hair as an oil, shampoo with Argan oil and even eating it with bread! Yes you can eat Argan oil (the roasted kind) and let me tell you, it’s really appetizing and actually quite popular in Morocco. Anyhow, we see Argan oil almost everywhere for cosmetic purposes here in North America, it's quite well known and distinctive. But do people know that it's quite hard to get and make? It’s only endemic to Morocco and the process of cold pressing takes hours and hours. It really is Moroccan gold after all! We strive to spread the word of our products everywhere making sure you get an experience that will forever be remembered and commemorated.